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We are N.T. Patel & Co., a firm of Pre-stressed and Reinforced Concrete Specialists, Civil, Sanitary Engineers and Contractors. We were, to start with, a proprietary concern and later became a Partnership firm, confined largely to family members. Today, in keeping with the sudden, but quiet expected, spurt in building activities, we are obliged to enlarge the capital base so as to avail of the large volume of institutional finance provided for housing development.

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The Founder of the Company (Late. N. T. Patel) was a man of variegated talents. Himself an outstanding Civil Engineering Graduate, he would not be content with the conventional type of work in vogue in the thirties of the last century and ventured into new innovative areas of Building Industry. It must be remembered that during the initial stages the Company had to compare with foreign firms like Gannon Dunkerley, Makenzies, et al., which enjoyed Government Patronage and hold its own. We were and are Class-1 PWD Conctractors also have executed all kinds of work like building Airports, Schools, Railway Bridges, Highways etc. A list of Major Works executed by the Company since inception can be seen. For a quick and easy Persual, We produce below some of the Landmark Projects we have done.

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The Founder, after an illustrious innings, passed away in 1973 and the Partnership had consequently been undergoing changes from time to time, so that the mantle has now fallen on Mr. J.N. Patel.

Mr. Patel is the Managing Director of the Company. He is a Civil Engineering Graduate of Indiana Institute of Technology, U.S.A., and a Member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, U.S.A., He is also a Member of International Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers, Concrete Institute, London and Indian Concrete Institute and fellow of the Institute of Valuers, India. During his study and training lasting a continuous eleven years in U.S.A., he had worked as Design Engineer for Clyde E. Williams and Associates, Indiana, U.S.A., for Hixson Tarter & Associates, Structural Engineers, Cincinnati, Ohio and Cost Estimator for C.C. Construction Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A. Ever since his return to India in 1962, he has been associated with our Company. His non-professional life covers a wide range of interests like Membership and Chairmanship of Round Table No.1, Madras Rifle Club, Lions Club, Madras Motor Sports Club, Flying Club, etc.,

Mr. S. Natarajan, who is the Executive Director, is a Retd. Officer of the State Government. He has seen service in almost all Branches of Government and has extensive knowledge and experience about the functioning of the Government machinery, particularly insofar as it impinges on the activities of our Company. Having entered service during the Raj and having acquired considerable expertise in dealing with cases requiring tact and skill, he has been a tower of strength to the Company through the last two decades in particular. He has much to contribute in the new dispensation.

The Company has the benefit of advice of its financial consultant, Mr. P. Madhavan, a person with considerable experience in Banking.

It is common knowledge that no Institution is born great. It has to go through all teething troubles like an infant, face adolescence dogged by indecision and, through trials and tribulations, grow into a full-fledged adult, ultimately to become a full - grown Institution. Our Company has passed through all the stages and today stands tall in the Building sector.

The strength of an Institution lies it its Financial Stability, Management Control, Technical Capability and in-depth Planning and Monitoring. These, we possess in good measure and hope to play a more significant role in the development of the Construction Industry.

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